Delfina Burmese

Policy on Kittens

As responsible breeders who adhere strictly to the GCCF and Fife guidelines there are certain conditions when it comes to rehoming our Kittens which we are happy to discuss with any potential new owners at length.  Below are a few notes which need to be considered.  If you have any questions please contact us anytime.


  • We recomend viewing Kittens from 6 weeks old
  • Kittens will only be reserved upon reciept of a deposit
  • Our Kittens are pets and as such will be registered on the GCCF non active register (this does not mean that you can't show your Kitten)
  • We will never sell our Kittens for breeding so please don't ask
  • Kittens MUST be neutered before they are six months old and proof of neutering from your vet sent to us.

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